Talented Abia-based man manufactures a car with N80k (photos)

– A Nigerian man has manufactured a vehicle using locally made materials

– The man used a total of N80,000 to complete the well-functioning vehicle

Nigerians are talented and creative bunch of people. Nigerians always come up with very creative ideas and it seems like a Nigerian man has done the same in a way that many thought was impossible.

When manufacturing or producing, we all think the finance that would be needed would be a large sum. Sometimes this notion turns out to be true and other times it does not especially if you know where to get the cheap stuffs.

France Emmanuel, a man from Aba in Abia state, has done the unthinkable by manufacturing a well-functioning car with just N80,000.

Talented Abia-based man manufactures a car with N80 000 Photo source: AutoJosh


Emmanuel who named the car EM Emulate revealed that the vehicle was manufactured using Mate motorcycle engine with other locally made materials.

The car was built with N80 000 Photo source: AutoJosh

He revealed that he was only able to build one car due to lack of funds. Emmanuel who is the proud owner of EM Automobiles stated that he is opened to the idea of investment from anyone who is interested in the project.


Abia-based man manufactures a car Photo source: AutoJosh

This type of invention is a definite way to improve Nigeria’s automobile sector and helping Nigerians like Emmanuel seems like the step in the right direction.

He used locally made materials Photo source: AutoJosh

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