South African Based Lawson Ovie flaunts millions of naira on the less privilege.

Lawson Ovie popularly known as Lakrim who owns a multi million dollar business  located in South Africa was spotted few days in the Capital of Delta State, Asaba.

The young philanthropist took time off business to flaunt his millions as he shows love to the less privileged  in the just concluded PhilominaCare Foundation Xmas party with the support of KEDIKS ENTERTAINMENT, OLIVE FASHION AVENUE, PRESS PLAY LOUNGE amongst others.

9JA MATTERS TV was also there to spice the event.

In his words, LAWSON OVIE  who was the major sponsor of the event said: “Well, I never wanted a million dollar face with a dollar in my pocket, That’s fame. I always want millions of dollars in my bank and also show love to the less privileged, that’s why I am in this Dream with my brother and friend, Mr Phillip Odidi, the Founder of PhilominaCare Foundation.

See more photos of the event below;

Photo shot of one of his mansions 

Other celebs present includes MD, Olive Fashion AVENUE, CEO Press Play, CEO KEDIKS ENTERTAINMENT, CEO Roewe Consults, Edwards Edward Foundation and a host of others.

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Do have a more prosperous year 2018.

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